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  • My account has been locked, what should I do?
    Only LMVO/BeMVO can unblock your account. For this, you must send an e-mail to (pharmacies) / (hospitals) / (wholesalers). For information, an account is locked for the following reasons: - You are already logged in, but the password has expired/changed. In this case, your account will be locked after 3 scans. - You are trying to login with an incorrect password. In this case, your account will be locked after three incorrect login attempts.
  • My password is about to expire / has expired, what should I do?
    Each FMD software / module offers the possibility for the end user to change the password themselves. If you don't know how to do this in your software, you should contact your software vendor. If, after contacting your software provider, it appears that the password needs to be reset, please send an email to (pharmacies) / (hospitals) / whs@bemvo .be (wholesalers).
  • Is it allowed for a pack to contain both the 2D matrix and the linear barcode?
    No, mainly to avoid possible confusion for the end user when scanning the pack. When both codes are present, the end user might not know which code to scan.
  • How can I contact the NCA?
    You can contact the authorities at the following email address:
  • Can products that are not in scope for FMD also have a 2D matrix code?
    Products that are not affected by the FMD can also carry a 2D matrix code, but this code can only contain 3 data elements: the GTIN code, the batch number and the expiration date. They are not allowed to carry a unique identifier.
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